Saint Counter

As we come across different Saints, relics or Holy Sites/People I will continually update the list so that you can see where your prayer intentions have been offered up at.

Day 1 – Milan

  • Doors of Mercy at the Cathedral of Milan (the Duomo)
  • Mass in the Duomo
  • Fragment of the True Cross of Jesus Christ
  • St. Ambrose
  • St. Gervasius
  • St. Prutasius
  • At least 25+ relics of saints in the museum (there were too many to write down, some of the reliquaries had 12-15 relics in then each!)
  • St. Victor
  • St. George
  • St. Savina – St. Ambrose’s sister
  • St. Marcellina – St. Ambrose’s brother
  • St. Satyrus
  • Doors of Mercy at the Basilica of St. Ambrose

Day 2 – Florence

  • Nothing to report today

Day 3 – Assisi

  • Mass at the Basilica of St. Francis
  • Chapel of St. Martin of Tours
  • Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene
  • Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua
  • Chapel of the Immaculate
  • Tomb of St. Francis
  • Tombs of the companions of St. Francis: Fr. Leone, Fr. Masseo, Fr. Angelo and Fr. Rufino
  • Chapel of San Nicola
  • Relics of St. Francis – his religious habit, the original Rule of Francis that he penned himself, Prayer to Br. Leo (also written by St. Francis), white tunic, slippers, the rock used to hold his head in the coffin he was first buried in, coins from his coffin, a leather pad he used to cover the stigmata, ashes, rope that held the habit, ivory horn used to call the brothers when it was time to pray, hair cloth wore for penance, handkerchief used to wipe Francis’s face while he was dying, and the chalice and paten give to Francis by the Benedictine Abbot in Assisi.

Day 3 – Rome

  • St. Monica
  • St. Catherine of Siena
  • There were probably other in the Churches we went into, but since the focus tonight was on the Altar of Repose and our Lord I can’t say for sure who else we may have seen.
  • Sant’Anselmo Monastery – Benedictine “headquarters”
  • St. Sabina – Domincan “headquarters”
  • Holy Thursday Mass at the Pontifical North American College
  • Pilgrimage to 11 different Churches
  1. Sant’Apllinare
  2. San Agostino
  3. Luigi de Francis I
  4. Santa Maria Sopra Minerva
  5. San Eustachio
  6. San Andrea Della Valle
  7. Sant’Brigitta
  8. San Girolamo Della Carita
  9. Sant’Anna de Parafrenien
  10. Parrocchia di SS Trinita Dei Pellegrine
  11. Salvatore in Onda 

Day 4 – Rome

  • The Pieta
  • St. John Paul II
  • Blessed Sacrament Chapel – Altar of Repose
  • St. John XXIII
  • Bl. Innocent XI
  • St. Gregory the Great
  • Pope Leo XI
  • St. John Chrysostom
  • St. Pius X
  • Pope Benedict XV
  • Good Friday Service at Potifical North American College

Day 5 – Rome

  • Doors of Mercy Pilgrimage
  1. Castle Sant’Angelo
  2. Church of Santa Maria in Transpontina
  3. Entering the Colonnade
  4. Holy Doors of Mercy
  5. Tomb of St. Peter

Day 6 – Florence

  • Mass at a local parish for Easter where I did the first reading and responsorial Psalm

Day 7 – Florence

  • Doors of Mercy at the Duomo
  • Prayers in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel
  • Venerate the True Cross 
  • St. Zenobius – I knew nothing about Zenobius, so I had to go look him up.  He is a well know bishop of Florence.  He was born to a noble family and raised by his pagan parents.  He was taken under the wing of a holy bishop and eventually was successful converting his parents to the Catholic faith.  As a priest he was well know for his preaching and gained the attention of St. Ambrose who spoke with the Pope of that time (Damasus) and advised that Zenobius be a papal legate (an ambassador) to Constatinople.  When Damasus died, Zenobius returned to Florence where he was made Bishop of Florence.  Upon his death several miracles have been attributed to him.  The first was of a dead elm tree that was brought back to life when the body of Zenobius touched it during the funeral procession.  A second is of the revival of a young child who was run over by a cart.  How mother brought the child to Zenobius’s deacon who prays that Zenobius would intercede and the child was brought back to life!