“It’s gonna be great!” πŸ™ƒ – Day 1 (Friday 3/10)

Our journey today started in Kansas City with our flight leaving at 4:40pm this afternoon. Abby is a teacher at Bishop Ward high school so she came straight from school. I already had the day off work so I spent the morning with friends and then had lunch with my dad.
The most eventful part of the airport experience in KC was that apparently the self-serve kiosks aren’t supposed to allow you to complete the process if you are flying internationally, so I guess we found a flaw in their system because we really baffled the Southwest agent when he came over to take our bags!

The first leg of our flight was from KC to Houston and was pretty uneventful, but we did have some turbulence toward the end so that was “fun!”  

We then had a two hour layover in Houston so we grabbed some food and started to make our way to our gate. Finding meatless options (Friday in Lent) in the airport was a challenge, but we managed to find a pretty decent margarita pizza, however the people working there had one speed…slow! We had to remind them what we ordered several times and at one point we were just standing there waiting for someone to come back so we could order a side salad!  

After finally getting our food we started to make our way to our gate, if any of you followed my blog through Italy you may remember that we had a knack for having to walk the entire length of the train stations to get to where we needed to be…well that trend is continuing because we came in at gate 50 and had to go all the way to gate 4 for our connecting flight! (Bring on the step counts!!)

Our flight from Houston to Mexico City left at 9:20pm and I got to practice my Spanish on the flight as they made all the announcements in both English and Spanish! (Let’s just say I’m a little rusty!) 

I somehow chose a seat where someone must have spilled something on a previous flight because the floor was soaking wet and when I picked up my bag from the floor to get something out of it I in turn got my jeans all wet…it looked like I had peed myself! Haha, oh well!! Other than that, the flight was rather uneventful and we made it safely to Mexico City!

It took quite a while to get through customs, but we finally got through and grabbed a taxi to our hotel. We will stay the night this evening in Mexico City and our flight to Queretaro leaves tomorrow mid day. The hotel is very nice (which is good, because we will spend two nights here on our way back home) and the staff all speak English which is also FANTASTIC! Abby got to practice her Spanish for the taxi ride and boy am I glad she is with me! The only hiccup we ran into is our phones. Per the Verizon website they should of had great service, however, that is not proving to be the case as we had zero cell service when we arrived and had to wait to get on the wifi at the hotel. But not to worry, dad’s working on that first thing tomorrow morning!!

I’m exhausted from the day of travel, so that’s all for today!


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