Mi Español es muy mal! – Day 3 (Sunday 3/12)

Abby and I had originally planned to get up this morning and go for a walk, but when we got up it was raining and thundering out, so we decided to just sleep in a little bit. So we got up around 8:30am (as a side note Mexico doesn’t observe daylight savings time until the first weekend in April, so while we are still in Central time, we are technically and hour behind those of you back home!) It also caused Abby and I quite a bit of confusion this morning because somehow my watch must have still been set for American time zones because it jumped ahead like we would have in the US, but our phones were showing the time in Mexico. It took us a few minutes to figure out what time it actually was! (Probably even longer because we were tired!)
We had breakfast in the cabaña and met Sarah. She is from Corpus Christi, TX and is here with her boyfriend Robbie. After breakfast we drove over to Colon where the girls stay. So the mission we are staying at is called Santa Maria de Mexicano and there are two houses, one for the older boys (Santa Maria) and one for the younger boys (San Jose) and then in Colon there are two houses for the girls (Casa de Jovenes for the older girls and Casa de niñas for the younger girls). 

We had Mass at the Casa de Jovenes and then after Mass we took several of the girls for a walk around town with Danielle (she is a full time volunteer for the mission from Minnesota originally). After our walk we just spent time with the older girls and Abby and I had a chance to talk with Danielle more about what her day to day looks like as a volunteer.

They eat all of their meals much later here than we do back home, so we ate lunch (comida) at around 3:00pm. It was one of the girls birthdays so they sang to her and then we had cake! It is a tradition in the Mexican culture that the birthday boy/girl takes the first bite of cake straight from the cake itself and most times their face is shoved into the cake!

After comida Abby, Danielle and I walked over to Casa de Niñas to spend time with the little girls! We took them outside for a bit and spent much of that time teaching English! They are so eager to learn and one of the girls (Andrea) spent about 20 minutes practicing counting in English, it was precious!

It started to rain so we went back inside and they tried to watch Lion King II, but there was a scratch on the DVD so they switched over to The AristoCats…either way they watched it all in Spanish and we couldn’t convince them to turn the English subtitles on so I had to go from memory!

After the movie we had dinner with the little girls. We had homemade tamales and they were AMAZING! During dinner the girls grilled me again on how to say certain words in English, mainly numbers and colors, and lots of names (which most names are the same in Spanish as they are in English, so they weren’t very impressed with these translations)!

After dinner the girls got ready for bed and we drove back to the mission with Danielle. We got back to the cabaña and spent time talking with Sarah, Robbie, and Danielle and eating Oreos We stayed up talking as long as we could, but I was pretty exhausted. We all agreed that trying to translate from Spanish to English all day is taxing on your brain so by 9:30pm I was just mentally exhausted!

One thought on “Mi Español es muy mal! – Day 3 (Sunday 3/12)

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Children are so very precious, thank God for volunteers like you & your amigos to show them some unconditional luv❤️️


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